• Sometimes I build robots.

    At Georgia Tech it wielded a marimba and could improvise jazz music. At CP+B it could be controlled via the web and pneumatically launch snowballs via cannon and catapult.
  • Sometimes I build games.

    For Nike this was a global, in-store, experiential gaming platform and series of games. For Kraft this was a mobile app featuring a JELL-O cube that dances to your music. I've also just started self-producing and designing games. Check out the progress at theambientfield.com.
  • Sometimes I build creative platforms.

    In the off hours I've been cranking on Garfunkel, a music writing partner, designed to accelerate and inspire both the mechanical and creative parts of composition. I'm also the co-creator of a cloud-based, visual programming language and workflow automation tool (sorry, lots of words there, it's legit, I promise). We've been using it to make dynamic video with our clients over at Cloneless Media.

I'm here to help creative people make creative things.

Please don't hesitate to reach out.